What is Membership?
To access any of the photo albums, you need to be a member. Click on products to purchase. Once you’ve purchased Membership, you will be emailed log in details. When you log in, you have access to over two hundred albums. If you have any issues, then get in contact.
How Do I Log In?
Only members can log in to access all of the photos. You can purchase membership from the products section. Any issues with login, then request a new password. If you are still having issues logging in, then get in touch here.
What Products are there?
There are a host of items available to purchase and even if you do not see something you want, then it doesn’t mean it is not available. Every now and then, new items are added – feel free to get in contact.
Can Alwyn cover an upcoming match?
Book Al for your event! A booking fee may apply, but if times allow, then the service could be for free… Alwyn Robinson is an FAI and UEFA accredited Sports Photographer, he is Garda Vetted and has completed his Safeguarding. He is also the Club Secretary for Avoca Hockey Club and is often seen covering Avoca matches.
Where are all the albums?
All albums are now premium and accessible for members only. However, becoming a member is easily done; just visit products and click on the membership option. Once the nominal fee has been paid, you will then receive log-in credentials to be able to access the premium content… You will have access to 200+ albums from categories such as the EUROs, Europa League, FIFA World Cup qualifiers, UEFA Nations League and a very special Olympic Qualifier. For a list of events that appear on this website, see the history.
Do you print on Mugs?
Yes. In the past, mugs have been printed with some golden moments from the sporting events visited. Check out the current selection of mugs available to purchase from the products. If you see a photo or a selection of photos you would like on a mug, then get in touch.
Can I get a T-Shirt?
At present no t-shirts are available for purchase, but when they are in stock, you can check them out in the Products page. As always, feel free to get in touch if you would like to design your own!
Do you do Prints?
Yes this can be arranged, but these days a digital copy is the preferred method. A digital copy can vary from €10-€50 depending on whether it is for personal use or for publication. See something you would like to get a print of?! We can order prints and can even get them framed. Send a message with which album and which picture you would like to get printed.
What Categories are there?
There are an assortment of different categories to view, such as football, hockey, Europa League and First Division, etc. You can find these at the top of each post and so if you want to explore just football pictures, then click on where it says ‘Posted in: Football’ and all related posts will appear.
Can I use your images on Social Media?
It’s great to see the photos from this website on social media, however, please put a reference back here for photo credit; thanks! If you would prefer an image without the watermark, then get in touch.
Looking for something specific?
Use the search option to the left and you will soon find what you are looking for! For a list of all of the events, check out the History section. For non-members, unfortunately, this won’t be as effective and will only password protected posts will appear.

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