Richard Couse Celebrates

2019-10-20 Avoca v Glenanne

Leinster Mills Cup Round 1 between Div 1 Avoca and national league Glenanne got off to a frantic pace at Newpark as underdogs Avoca scored two in quick succession early on thanks to Richard Couse and Andrew Meagher’s diving effort. However, within minutes, Glenanne were in the lead scoring 3 before Couse scored his second making it level at 3-3; and this was all in the first quarter! Glenanne added another two in the second period and looked in control but the home side weren’t finished yet. A goal a piece in the third quarter and Avoca could have pulled off a surprise result as they came close on numerous occasions. 5-6 final score with final goals coming from Kevin Mellot and Elliot Goode.